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Course 2: Cambridge Exam Preparation

Our full-time exam preparation courses are designed to help you learn and improve the language skills necessary to get the best possible grade in your chosen exam but also to improve the general level of your English in all areas of communication. Courses cover the Cambridge syllabus by following Cambridge exam course books, which you will be given as part of your course. Although it is a book-based syllabus geared towards the exam, teachers will also incorporate a wide range of other materials and activities appropriate to the level and aims of the lessons. This opens the variety of the classes and gives students the best start towards their examination.

Cambridge Course and Exam Dates 2017

Course Weeks Start Date Finish Date Exam Date Exam Fee (2017)
FCE 9 03/01/17 03/03/17 04/03/17 £145.00*
FCE 13 27/03/17 23/06/17 24/06/17 £145.00*
FCE 11 12/06/17 25/08/17 24/08/17 £145.00*
FCE 13 11/09/17 08/12/17 09/12/17 £145.00*
CAE 9 03/01/17 03/03/17 01/03/17 £150.00*
CAE 12 13/03/17 02/06/17 03/06/17 £150.00*
CAE 11 12/06/17 25/08/17 25/08/17 £150.00*
CAE 12 11/09/17 01/12/17 02/12/17 £150.00*
CPE 10 03/01/17 10/03/17 11/03/17 £155.00*
CPE 13 13/03/17 09/06/17 08/06/17 £155.00*
CPE 11 12/06/17 25/08/17 N/A £155.00*
CPE 12 11/09/17 01/12/17 02/12/17 £155.00*

* Prices are subject to change without notification

Cambridge Fact check

Important:The speaking exams all take place before the main written exams. However, the main written papers take place over most of the day, so please book flights the day after the main exam date and make sure your accommodation is organised until that day. Mock exams are 3 weeks before the exam. These mock examinations give students a valuable window and general overview of the examination process. This schedule will be able to assist students learning and progression within their examinations.

Exam Registration: Fees can be paid by bank transfer or credit card directly to the exam centre which is within easy walking distance of school.
Exam prices are subject to change without notification.

Typical Timetable For The Cambridge Exam Courses

CAMB sample timetable

Other Information: The ideal preparation for a Cambridge exam is to follow the full course. However, classes are not necessarily closed exam groups and are open to students at the same level who are studying for shorter periods (minimum 2 weeks) or not taking the exam. Priority is given to students following the full course. Students must be at the correct intermediate level to join these classes. Pre-tests can be taken in advance. Our Self Study Centre is fully resourced with lots of Cambridge exam practice materials and other relevant materials for you to use.  





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