A Bizarre and Scary Way to Spend Your Evening?

At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we are very proud of
our full and varied Social programme, particularly our weekly ‘Nights Out’.
From dance parties to fundraisers, usually held on a Thursday, our Nights Out
are some of the best activities on the social calendar, and a great chance for
our students to unwind, meet new friends, and have a good time! However, there
is one activity that proves to be a real hit with all our students, and that is
our karaoke parties!
Our karaoke parties were
originally started by Hugo, an English teacher and DJ, who sadly left us at the
end of last year. He was a HUGE fan of karaoke, and could never resist the urge
to get up on stage and rap for the students! After he left, his legacy was
continued by Belle, our Social Programme Organiser, and the karaoke parties now
happen on a fortnightly basis. The parties also attract ex-LSI/IH Portsmouth students who are
still living in Portsmouth,
as well as loads of our teachers and staff members.
Some of you may have your
reservations about karaoke, you might think singing in front of a large crowd
of strangers as a bizarre and scary way to spend your evening! But believe it
or not, karaoke is fun. Serious fun. Apart from the friendly staff serving
delicious drinks, a HUGE repertoire of songs to choose from, and a great
overall atmosphere, the DJ also plays international songs and chart hits, which
always gets everyone partying together on the dance floor. And of course,
singing is optional; most people just come along for the fun.

Check out some of the photos
from our karaoke parties, and if you are a student currently studying at LSI/IH Portsmouth,
make sure you’re at the next one!!! They really are a highlight for many of our