A Perfect Ten

Absolutely delighted to announce that we have officially become members of TEN (The English Network), a very selective group of many of the very best UK language schools.  What this means for us is that we will be working more closely with a great group of top quality schools and people who we really trust and will be able to share ideas and good practice that will help us to make LSI/IH Portsmouth even better!
This is how they describe TEN:
“In 2010 a small group of well-respected and internationally renowned English language school leaders formed The English Network (TEN). This network of like-minded and dedicated professionals has trust at its core. For over 400 years we have, between us, delivered courses and a service that clients can depend on. High standards, professionalism and honesty are key values for each TEN member.
The members of TEN are now working together to share and develop their expertise for the benefit of each member and their clients. Members share information and advice on best practice. There is a common commitment to recommend, assist and advise agents and students on all aspects of English language study.
TEN offers agents the chance to work with a selection of trusted, reliable, independent English language schools. TEN offers the student great schools, popular locations and above all a guaranteed valuable and memorable student experience”