In partnership with Professionals UK Ltd, we offer internship programmes for students, graduates and young job seekers who are interested in gaining experience relevant to their educational background and vocational skills.

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Learn about business culture and working practices in the UK
  • Develop a network of business contacts
  • Gain valuable work experience to add to your CV
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve your career prospects when you return home

Are you eligible?

  • Aged over 18
  • Have UK working rights
  • At least B2 English Level
  • Have Financial support



"I was very excited to do something useful for my future"

Denis, Switzerland


"To find a job now you need a lot of experience so if you can get experience of working in English, it’s even better"

Elisa, Switzerland


"Internships allow students to acquire knowledge and expertise that might be useful in the not too distant future"

Sergio, Spain


What You Need to Know:

  • English Level

    Candidates are required to have an English language level of at least B2 before starting the placement. In most cases, this will mean following a General English course of at least 4 weeks at LSI/IH Portsmouth to improve your confidence and fluency before starting the internship.

  • Duration

    Internship placements are for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 48 weeks. Most students tend to take placements of between 12 and 16 weeks.

  • Location

    Your General English course will take place at LSI/IH Portsmouth. Internships are mainly in London but may also be in other cities such as: Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Oxford.

  • Sectors

    Including, but not limited to: Accounting, Advertising, Architecture, Arts & Museums, Business Administration, Customer Services, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Renewable, Events, Fashion, Finance, Graphic Design, Hospitality, Human Resources, Law, Marketing, Media, NGO/Charity, Public Relations, Software Programming, Technical, Tourism, Trade/Logistics and Web Programming.

  • Mentor

    Throughout your work placement a mentor from Professionals UK Ltd will keep in touch and will be able to provide support and guidance.

  • Accommodation

    During your LSI/IH Portsmouth language course you will normally stay with one of our Host Families or in one of our Self-Catering Student Houses. Please see our current brochure for details and prices. During your Internship Programme you will need to find new accommodation in the city where your placement is. Professionals UK Ltd can provide guidance regarding host families and residential accommodation.

  • How to Apply

    Firstly, please consider that internships are unpaid and you will need sufficient funds for your accommodation and daily living costs for the duration of the placement. When you have decided to apply, please fill out an Internship Programme Application Form. You will need to complete this and return it to us along with an electronic copy of your CV and a covering letter. These must be in English. We will then inform you once Professionals UK Ltd has organised an interview for you. The Application Form, CV and Covering Letter must be sent to LSI/IH Portsmouth at least 4 weeks before you start your English course. Please note that you may be asked for references from previous employers or your university/college.

  • Costs & Payment

    Fees for our English courses can be found here.

    Internship Placement Costs:
    • Up to and including 24 weeks £600.00
    • Placements in Law, Architecture, Scientific, Engineering, IT Programming, High Finance plus on request specialist sectors £625.00

    Please note that all fees must be paid at least two weeks before your course starts.

  • Cancellation

    Cancellation up to 2 weeks prior to any interview being arranged: £150. Thereafter: £200. With interviews arranged/attended: £250 or £500 in the case of specialist sectors. Cancellation after a successful interview has been attended will require full payment or after 2 suitable interviews have been attended, whatever the outcome