All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor ;-)

Lovely students and from left: Mark (Benedict), Will, Cliff, Tom and Adam.

Did you know
LSI/IH Portsmouth has been providing successful training courses for Cultural
Acclimatisation, examinations like IELTS & STANAG and English for Specific
Technical Purposes for Military personnel from International Governments since
the late 1980’s? Our clients have included students from Saudi Arabia, Oman,
the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Finland and Chile and the
classes have taken place here at LSI/IH Portsmouth or at Military Colleges and
bases in the south of England.

Teachers ‘resting’ 😉

Below is a
picture of our off-site teaching team working closely with groups of overseas
Naval Engineers who are now over half way through their 60 weeks training courses.
Well done lads; just 20 weeks to go!

And the photo below is for Rich, who didn’t like not being in the photo (he wasn’t here the day the photo was taken 😉 (he is generally a bit taller than this and has legs)