Individual Coaching in England

What are our Executive Individual Coaching Courses?

This is a focused and highly individualised programme, based on a detailed needs analysis of the professional, linguistic and social needs of the participants.

The 1:1 course is specifically tailored to meet the needs and wants of the particular individual. A typical 1:1 course might run as follows: mornings concentrating on specific language issues and pertinent specialist vocational vocabulary.

Afternoons might focus on business functional language, for example presenting information, or teleconferencing. It may cover cultural awareness or socialising with clients outside of the professional area, it very much depends on what the client feels is most important for them. The day is tailored and is student centred to meet the specific needs of the individual student.

Who is our Executive Individual Coaching for?

Participants who have a specialist agenda for their course or prefer individual teaching totally tailored to their exact needs.

Trainees who may wish to only have lessons in the morning or outside our normal timetable hours. This course can be offered as 30, 25, 20 or 15 hours per week (pricing varies).

This is also the course for students of a low level (lower-intermediate or below: A1/A2) who do not have the communicative competence/ability to participate in the open groups.

Minimum age:25 (Average age: 40)
Required level:Any level.
Maximum class size:1
Course length:Minimum 1 week
How many hours of study do I get?25 hours (60 minutes) per week, plus 5-10 hours self-access (Options for an extra 5 hours)
How much does it cost?To find out about our course prices, click here
When can I start?Start any Monday

Executive Communication Skills on our Individual Coaching Courses

Subject to a comprehensive needs analysis of the participant’s requirements, special emphasis is placed on the relevant professional vocabulary, register, grammatical structures and pronunciation that are used in the participant’s work. As well as formal classroom teaching to learn English, study activities include roleplay, case studies and simulations and video and audio recorded simulations. In our business English courses the focus is on practical & effective business English for professionals in communication and may include language and skills for:

  • Meetings and Teleconferencing
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Telephoning
  • Socialising and Networking
  • E-mail, Letter and Report Writing
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • International leadership and management
  • Specialist vocabulary development

What is the Executive Individual Coaching Course duration/programme?

Between 1 and 4+ weeks (2 weeks is the average).

The Executive individual coaching course lasts between one and four plus weeks (two being the average). It is a very intensive course and is comprised of 1:1 for 25 contact hours plus 5 to 10 self-access study hours. In addition to this is another 7.5 hours social English with optional teacher accompanied lunch per week plus optional evening social activities (such as restaurants, guided tours, live music and cultural events).
Key Facts
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An Executive language stay will maximise your exposure to native speakers while learning about the culture in England, and provides an opportunity to network and build long-term friendships. They offer high levels of comfort and convenience.
Executive students talk with Host family about England

Social Programme

LSI/IH Portsmouth’s Executive Social Programme and its tutor accompanied lunch system, provides opportunities to practise social English, enhance intercultural awareness and network with professionals from all over the world and with all levels of English; a great preparation for real-life work situations.