Hello Sophie – Good Bye Elly

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We are so sad to be saying Goodbye to Elly this week, and Hello to Sophie.
Back in 2015, Sophie joined us working in Admissions and then for a short time as Reception Officer. She is therefore already quite familiar with the ways of the school. The oddest thing is that she sounds just like Elly on the phone 😉

Sophie has come to us from a stint of travelling and working in London and while she has big shoes to fill, we know she will and we want to say a huge ‘welcome’ to her.

We are really genuinely sad to be saying goodbye to our lovely Elly. Elly has been with us since 2010, first as a teacher and then as Reception Manager. For anyone who doesn’t know Elly, she may be little but she is a massive powerhouse of energy, efficiency, sage advice and attention to detail, and just an all-round joy to know.

She has given all of us pause for thought as she is leaving to go to Australia and is starting up a new business! Proofreading (on the road). Initially, she is heading to Perth, but the plan is to get a van and to drive off into the sunset – proofreading on the way.

This is her new website


We couldn’t see Elly leave without a good send-off:

Bye Bye (sob sob) Elly – Hello and huge welcome Sophie.

A little PS
Elly featured quite heavily in our ‘We are Happy LSI/IH Portsmouth video – have a watch and see how many times you can see her 😉