ISI Inspection – another excellent result!

It was recently inspection time again at LSI/ IH Portsmouth! We are really proud of our courses and the overall experience we provide for our students. Inspections are an important way for us to monitor and improve standards across the school. We are always trying to be the best English language school we can be and are always looking at ways we can improve.

As part of our Educational Oversight, we were inspected on all areas of the school including:

  • The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements
  • Students’ welfare, including health and safety
  • The effectiveness of governance, leadership and management

In the run up the inspection, LSI staff put together a big collection of documents to explain how we manage the school and what we do to meet 58 different quality standards. During the inspection itself, different teams were interviewed about their roles in the school and how they contribute to meeting these standards. Meanwhile the teaching team had to produce detailed lesson plans which described the needs of their classes and explained each stage of their lessons. This was to enable inspectors to come into all the classrooms remotely to watch our lessons and experience the school from the perspective of a student. It was very thorough and involved a lot of hard work from many different people.

We were so proud therefore to score an ‘excellent’ for every single category at the end of the week* with inspectors talking of the “strong culture of excellence throughout the school“!  We feel the report accurately reflects who we are as a school and the excellent experience we provide for every one of our students.

You can read a copy of our latest ISI report here.