Out with the Old in with the New.


We’ve Been Through So Much

The LSI/IH Portsmouth blog was started in 2012.  In that time there have been approx 450 Blogs.  They have covered everything from how to improve your English to lovely teachers leaving LSI/IH Portsmouth to travel the world and/or have fun. We have looked at Brexit, living and working in Portsmouth, Favourite Pubs, British Culture, Interviews with teachers and students and had competitions and Surveys.  We had a series of Teacher tip videos (you can see above) for exams and everyday English.  There have been teachers and staff retiring and people joining us.  It has felt like one big happy family, we are one big happy family.

We have made loads of videos, maybe near 150, one of them is nearly at 100,000 views. There have been charity bakes, runs and climbs. We have passed tons of inspections with flying colours, we’ve had loads of students passing exams and teachers graduating from their masters and Deltas, and managers have passed their DELTMS. We have looked at the revamping of the building and the huge transformation of the coffee lounges (General and Exec) and the front of the building. We have seen Principals changing, had teachers have their books published and launches of new courses, and exams.  We have had a blast.

So now it is time for a change.  Sue H started the social media in 2012, from the Blog, Facebook, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to YouTube and a newsletter to all the students (as well as the slideshow in reception).  With help from Alan D who wrote most of the music that accompanied the videos, and Jeremy C who wrote some cracking blogs about British culture and all the teachers and staff who helped or contributed over the years.

And now it will be the lovely Catt, who runs the GE social programme and the equally lovely Adam G who is our digital marketing man who will have overall responsibility along with Emma H in the marketing department.

With huge thanks to all above who helped, supported or were just lovely for these last eight years, a very warm bye-bye and an even warmer welcome to the new guys, I’m sure you’ll have great fun, I know I have.

from Sue H