Portsmouth – What to See What to Do

Portsmouth Accent

If you would like to know more about the Portsmouth accent have a look at this blog. Click here.

Views of portsmouth and the dialect of portsmouth

Best Place to Visit

Portsmouth was recently recommended as a top place to visit by the Guardian.

Things to Do in Portsmouth

Loads of suggestions here to try while you are in Portsmouth. Have a look.

Best Cafes in Portsmouth

If you like your coffee – we have some great suggestions for you here.

The 7 Best Pubs in Portsmouth

Obviously a personal perspective, but it’s a great way

to introduce yourself to the pubs in Portsmouth.

Summer in Portsmouth

Catt out lovely social programme organiser wrote this little guide of what to do in Portsmouth in the summer.

Have a look here for our PDFs of what is happening in the summer in Portsmouth.

The other side of Portsmouth – Gosport

There is so much to see in Portsmouth, and even more if you venture just a little way out.

A ferry trip of less than 5 minutes will find you in Gosport.

Our Students Love Portsmouth – here they say why

We have lots and lots of videos with our students saying what they think of Portsmouth.

Click on the link above to see more videos, or the one below to see a compilation.