We are very Social!

Over the last few years, LSI/IH Portsmouth has been getting very sociable – online. 

We thought it would be a good idea to share where we are and who we are talking to.

We are on Face Book, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, and also in a small way on Flickr and Google+.   We would love to see you there!

We use Facebook to connect with students in the school or those who have left. We think it shows the ‘fun’ side of the school with pictures, videos and updates, and is also used to announce events. 

With Twitter we share small snippets of interesting information either educational, local and school oriented.

Well you’re here so you know what we use blogger for. It is like an in-house magazine 
that focusses on the school and the people in it. We hope it shows a more personal side of the school than the website can, so we can convey who we are, the latest changes and updates in the school and focusses on teachers and students alike.

We have only recently started using instagram but we love it!  It’s our photo album of Portsmouth and we hope to show what an attractive island Portsmouth is.

When we have things that are animated we show these on YouTube.  At the moment we are showing tips from the teachers on how students can improve their English, but we also have a few fun videos on there as well.

We are on linkedin where we connect with other professionals in the industry.