The LSI/IH Portsmouth Pre-Sessional course

LSI/IH Portsmouth offers a range of university preparation courses which offer direct progression into a number of colleges and universities in the UK including ICP, the University of Portsmouth, the University of Chichester, and Kingston University London. If you have a conditional offer from one of our partners one of our partners but don’t quite have the IELTS score that you need for that course, then a Pre-Sessional course could be the best option for you!

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You can now take our Pre-Sessional Course online.

This can be taken from the comfort of your home!


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University Preparation Course Content

Want to know more about the LSI/IH Portsmouth University Preparation course? Not only do we offer a range of courses to meet all types of needs and levels, but our teachers are guaranteed to empower students to unlock their potential and enter University ready for any challenge.

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Who can apply?

How do I know the LSI/IH Portsmouth Pre-Sessional Course is right for me? Make sure that you meet the visa and language level requirements before you book your course. Check here to find out if you can join one of our outstanding courses today.

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University Partnerships

LSI/IH Portsmouth is proud of its outstanding University Partners. We believe that working with the best Universities is one of the reasons we are the joint best English language school in the UK. Check back to see which universities have been added to our constantly expanding list.

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Social Programme

What better way to relax after all that University preparation than to join in our social programme? We offer a full and varied selection of activities, everything from weekly sporting events to parties and nights out to cultural and educational activities.

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host family


Do you want some help with finding accommodation? At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we understand how important it is after a day of studying to return to a comfortable and relaxing home. That’s why we offer a variety of different accommodation to ensure that we find the home that works for you.

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"My course is such hard work, but I really enjoy the challenge. I have felt really supported by my teachers throughout the entire course."

Jao Aonnum, Thailand

"There are no words to explain how much I'm grateful for your help and support. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping me with my homework. Thank you for staying behind to help me. Thank you for making me do my best. "

Rabab Allogmany