• Before you arrive

    • Send us a photo!

      To save time at enrolment, could you send us a photo that we can use for your student card?  It could even be your Facebook photo – as long as it is a clear picture of your face. Please email it with your LSI/IH Portsmouth student number to: info@lsi-portsmouth.co.uk

    • Packing your things

      The student dress code at LSI/IH Portsmouth is casual and students wear jeans, trainers, T-shirts and dresses to classes (however you may like to bring something smarter for your last day and leavers’ ceremony).
      The weather can change quickly in the UK, so it is recommended that you wear several layers so you can take them off or put them on as the weather changes. It is also a good idea to bring a lightweight waterproof jacket. Summers can be quite warm in Portsmouth but it is advisable to have warmer clothing just in case, as the UK does not have a tropical climate.

    • Month / Average Temperature

      Dec - Feb: 2°C to 9°C
      Mar - May: 5°C to 17°C
      Jun– Aug: 12°C to 22°C
      Sept- Nov: 6°C to 19°C

    • Additional

      If we have arranged your accommodation, all bedding will be provided. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation you should bring your own towels (these are supplied if staying with a family). Please also bring your own toiletries and any electrical items such as chargers and hair dryers – don’t forget to bring a 3 pin adapter!

      We will give you a course book, folder and paper on your first day but it might be a good idea to bring more stationery such as pens and highlighters.

    • Money

      We recommend that you bring some cash with you so that you have something for your first few days but please do not carry large amounts around with you. The currency used in the UK is the British Pound – Euros are not accepted. Travellers’ cheques can easily be exchanged and most credit and debit cards are widely accepted (although you may incur a charge for using them). Depending on the length of your course, you may be able to open a UK bank account and we will help you with this.

      We recommend that you bring enough money for around £70 a week (if you live in homestay accommodation) or £100 a week if you live in self-catering accommodation. However, there’s a lot to do and see in Portsmouth so you may want to bring more!

    • Insurance

      We strongly recommend that you take out insurance before travelling to the UK. The policy should insure you for the loss of personal possessions, such as mobile phones, and laptops, the cost of any hospital or medical care in case you need it and tuition fees, in case you need to leave your course early.

      Please remember that the school is unable to refund any tuition fees, so it is especially important that the insurance policy covers cancellation and early departure.

  • Arrival in the UK

    • Immigration

      When you arrive in the UK, you will need to come through immigration – please be prepared! You will need to show your passport/identity card and if you have a visa – or need to obtain a student visitor visa on arrival, you will also need to show your acceptance papers from LSI/IH Portsmouth and proof that you have paid your school fees and have sufficient money to support yourself while you are here. For more information about visas and to check whether you need one to study, please see our ‘visas’ section. Here you will also find some helpful tips from the UK Border Force for coming through immigration.

    • Getting to Portsmouth

      If you have not booked a taxi transfer with us, the easiest way to get to Portsmouth is by train or coach.

  • Travel

    When you arrive at the train station in Portsmouth, take a taxi to your accommodation which should cost no more than £5-£10. Taxis will be waiting outside the station and are safe to use.

    • From Heathrow Airport:

      Take a shuttle bus to
      Woking (approximately 30 minutes) and from there, take a direct train to Portsmouth and Southsea
      station which takes approximately 70 minutes and the whole journey costs around £30.

      There is also a direct coach service from Heathrow which takes approximately 3-4 hours and costs around £20.

    • From Gatwick Airport:

      Trains run every 30 minutes to Portsmouth and Southsea station and are either direct or with one easy change. It takes
      approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and costs around £15. There is also a direct coach which takes
      approximately 1hour 30 minutes and costs around £20.

    • From London Waterloo Station:

      There are 2 direct trains every hour, taking approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and costs around £35.

    • Victoria Station:

      There is a direct train every hour, taking approximately 2 hours and costs around £35.

    • From Southampton Eastleigh Airport:

      You can
      either take a taxi directly to Portsmouth which will cost approximately £40 or there are 2 trains every hour from Southampton Parkway Station which is very close to the airport (99 steps to be exact!). Take a train to Portsmouth and Southsea station – it takes approximately 1 hour and costs around £10.
      It’s a good idea to buy your tickets in advance as they will be cheaper.

    • Useful Websites
  • First Day

    Please arrive at school between 8.30am and 9.00am on your first day – the address is 1-13 Lord Montgomery Way, Portsmouth, PO1 2AH.

    We will then test your English level so that we can place you into a suitable class. This will last for around an hour and a half and then we’ll give you information about life in the school, the lessons, accommodation and the social programme. After this, we’ll give you a tour of the school, you’ll have time for lunch and then you will start your classes.

    • Pens and pencils

      We will give you a pad of paper on your first day but it is a good idea to make sure you have a range of other stationery such as pens and highlighters. You will find them very useful during the course.

    • Food

      There are also lots of restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and sandwich shops nearby where you can buy lunch.

    • Wi-Fi

      The school has Wi-Fi throughout the building which is free for you to use.

    • Sim Cards

      Please ask at reception and they will be happy to provide you with a free UK sim card.

    • Emergencies

      In case you need to contact the school outside of opening hours, we have a 24 hour emergency:
      +447803392476 (from outside the UK)
      07803392476 (from inside the UK)

      We wish you a very safe journey – see you soon!