Full-Time and Part-Time CELTA Courses at LSI Portsmouth


What is the CELTA course?

The Cambridge Assessment Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is the most recognised initial English Language Teaching qualification in the world. It is a qualification that is trusted by employers, language schools and governments. It gives knowledge, confidence and hands-on teaching experience to those who would like to develop a successful career in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

LSI/IH Portsmouth are proud to be an approved Cambridge English CELTA training centre (Centre No: 58534 ), and are keen to assist people in becoming qualified English language teachers with an internationally recognised certificate. The CELTA course is highly regarded both nationally and internationally and has been accredited at level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework.


The CELTA course – key facts:


English level required C1+/ C2
Minimum age 18
Minimum course size 8
Maximum course size 12
Teacher to student ratio 1 to 6
Course length 4 weeks for our full-time courses/10 weeks part-time
Contact hours throughout the course 120 hrs including teaching practice
Cost £1,495 (Course fee £1,339 + £156 Cambridge fee)
Deposit (non-refundable) £300

Who is the CELTA course for?

It is a course for native speakers or non-native speakers with a C1+/C2-level of English and is ideal for:

  • recent graduates seeking a career in teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • current TEFL teachers without a formal qualification
  • experienced teachers in other fields who would like to move into EFL teaching
  • and/or people who would like a career change.

No previous English language teaching experience is required to study for the CELTA qualification but you must be at least 18 and have a minimum English language level equivalent to C1+/C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You’ll also need an education level equivalent to that required for entry into higher education. Upon successfully completing the 120-hour course, you will be ready to start working in a variety of EFL teaching contexts around the world.

CELTA Course Dates for 2021/22:

Full-time CELTA course dates (4 week course) 2021

Course Start Date Course Finish Date
Monday 11th October 2021 Friday 5th November 2021
Monday 10th January 2022 Friday 4th February 2022

Full-time CELTA course dates (4 week course) 2022

Course Start Date Course Finish Date
Monday 10th January 2022 Friday 4th February 2022
Monday 2nd May 2022 Friday 27th May 2022
Monday 1st August 2022 Friday 26th August 2022
Monday 3rd October 2022 Friday 28th October 2022


Part-time CELTA course dates (10 week course)


Course Start Date Course Finish Date
Monday 28th February 2022 Friday 6th May 2022


CELTA Recommended Reading:

You will be given a reading list once you enrol on a CELTA course with us, but if you are interested in finding out a bit more about what the course will entail, you can look at The CELTA Course Trainee Book by Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins.


What is the CELTA course like?

The course is both theoretical and practical, focusing on principles underlying language teaching, syllabus design, classroom management, presenting new language, using resources and materials as well as assessing learners.

The CELTA is made up of instruction, teaching practice and reflection and contains the following components:

  • input sessions on language awareness, student awareness, classroom management and lesson planning
  • daily small group teaching practice with students at different language levels
  • detailed feedback and discussion sessions with tutors
  • observation of qualified teachers and your peers


The five main topics you will cover in the CELTA course are:

  • learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
  • language analysis and awareness
  • language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • planning and resources for different contexts
  • developing teaching skills and professionalism

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • acquired an understanding of English teaching methodology, theory and principles,
  • developed classroom management skills,
  • understood the key principles of language testing and assessment,
  • become familiar with and assessed course books and tests,
  • designed syllabi, lesson plans and tests,
  • selected and designed appropriate teaching material,
  • become familiar with strategies for presenting new language and dealing with pronunciation,
  • acquired and practised strategies for teaching reading, speaking, listening and writing skills,
  • observed live lessons taught by experienced teachers,
  • and put the accumulated knowledge in practice through teaching real students in an actual classroom.


Assessment, Attendance and Commitment:


Assessment is made on a continuous basis and there is no final exam. However, particular emphasis is given to teaching appropriate lessons effectively. Please note that your teaching practice is supervised and followed by detailed feedback, assessment and group evaluation. In addition to the assessed teaching practice, the course also includes written assignments. You will be assessed regularly and kept up-to-date with your progress throughout the course during scheduled tutorial sessions. Final assessment is made on three main areas: Professional Development, Written Assignments and Teaching Practice.

To receive a CELTA certificate you will need to complete the course and meet the assessment criteria for all written and practical assignments. You will be assessed on 6 hours of teaching practice and 4 written assignments. There are three passing grades: Pass A, Pass B and Pass.

CELTA is a demanding and intensive course. You should be prepared to complete regular assignments and assessments and must have the disposition, potential and drive to become an effective teacher. Throughout the course you will need to spend a substantial amount of time on lesson preparation and written assignments outside of timetabled hours. This means that in addition to the 120 contact hours, you will have to work at least a further 120 hours in your own time in order to produce work of a ‘pass’ standard. 100% attendance is expected as due to the practical nature of the course there is little chance of making up time missed.

CELTA Course Key Information

  • CELTA course timetable

    • Full-Time, Intensive CELTA Course

      The full-time (4-week) course timetable is from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. In the mornings you will have input sessions from the tutors on different areas and aspects of teaching, and in the afternoons you will be teaching volunteer students, followed by feedback on the teaching as a group, and time for guided lesson preparation. As mentioned above, you will need to spend a significant amount of time outside of the timetabled hours working on lesson plans, assignments and so on.

      Typical timetable:
      9.00-10.20am: Input session 1: Presenting Vocabulary
      10.20-10.40: Break
      10.40-12.00: Input session 2: Introduction to Phonology
      12.00-13.00: Lunch
      13.00-15.00: Teaching Practice
      15.00-15.20: Break
      15.20-16.00: Feedback on teaching practice
      16.00-17.00: Guided lesson planning

    • Part-Time CELTA Course

      The part-time course last for 10 weeks. The timetable is from 5.30-8.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays consist of 2 hours of assessed teaching practice, followed by feedback. Saturdays consist of input sessions from the tutors, plus time for guided lesson preparation.

  • Where does the course take place?

    All session on the course take place at LSI / IH Portsmouth. We have a large and well-equipped building in the centre of Portsmouth, with over 50 classrooms, an IT suite, a lounge area, and extensive resources for teaching on site. All the input sessions and teaching practice will take place in our classrooms, and you will have access to rooms to prepare lessons and work in, as well IT access, photocopying and access to our library and resources throughout.

  • Enrolment information

    CELTA courses are regularly oversubscribed, so we strongly recommend applying as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment. Acceptance on to the CELTA is dependent on a successful application process which includes a language awareness task followed by an interview.
    Application process: · Express your interest as soon as possible by completing the attached application form and pre-interview task.
    After receiving your completed form and task, we will respond to you within five working days to advise you of the results, and whether you were selected for the interview or not. Interviews can last up to 1 hour.
    If you are accepted on the course, you will need to pay a deposit to secure your place. The deposit in non-refundable.

  • Fees and payment

    £1,495 (Course fee £1,339 + £156 Cambridge fee). A non-refundable deposit of £300 must be paid in order to secure a place on the course. The deadline for payment will be sent in the email of confirmation. The balance of the course fees is due 2 weeks prior to the start date. We cannot guarantee to hold your place on the course unless all fees are paid in full 2 weeks before the course starts.


Why choose your CELTA course at LSI Portsmouth

LSI / IH Portsmouth has been offering English language courses and language training in the centre of Portsmouth since 1995. We are currently ranked the joint number 1 English language centre in the UK (according to the EL Gazette rankings based on the latest British Council reports). We teach students from all over the world a range of courses, as well as offering teacher-training courses, such as the CELTA and the distance DELTA. Our tutors are all highly-experienced trainers, with a history of EFL publications, conference presentations, and hold DELTA and Masters’ qualifications in EFL.

In 2019, we joined the International House group of schools. International House World Organisation is a group of English language schools across the world whose focus is on teaching excellence, and teacher-training. International House has been running CELTA courses for many decades, and we are pleased to be part of such a high-quality teacher-training organisation. You can read more about International House World Organisation here.

Interview with Peter Watkins

Peter is the co-writer of The CELTA Course manual with Scott Thornbury. Peter and Lewis discuss our new CELTA course.

"I have worked with the academic team at LSI / IH Portsmouth over many years and I've always enjoyed the experience. The commitment they show to providing a great learning experience and to teacher development is obvious and so I have no doubt they will offer a really great CELTA course and I’m looking forward to contributing to it"

Peter Watkins, co-author (with Scott Thornbury) of The CELTA Course, the definitive manual for delivering the course


CELTA Course Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does the CELTA course take?

    CELTA courses are a minimum of 120 teaching hours. The full-time, intensive course takes 4 weeks and the part-time one takes 10 weeks.

  • Is the CELTA course difficult?

    The course is challenging and requires commitment and hard-work – but is very rewarding as well!

  • How much does the CELTA course cost in the UK?

    Our courses cost £1,495 (Course fee £1,339 + £156 Cambridge fee)

  • What is the TEFL compared to CELTA?

    TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the name for the English Language teaching profession. If you work in the profession, you are a TEFL teacher. CELTA is the name of the qualification you will need to work as a TEFL teacher.

  • Does the CELTA expire?

    No, the certificate you receive at the end of your course is valid forever. However, if you have not practiced your teaching skills for a while, we would advise a refresher course.

  • Do I need a CELTA to teach English abroad?

    There are many Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualifications but the CELTA is the most highly-regarded by good quality teaching institutions abroad, and is a minimum requirement for the majority of EFL schools abroad.

  • Can I use the CELTA to teach in the UK?

    Absolutely. There are many English language schools in the UK (including LSI!), and the CELTA is the entry-level qualification for working in these schools.

  • What is taught on a CELTA course?

    The course is both practical and theoretical, involving both academic input and instruction, as well as teaching practice and classroom management. See above for more detail.

  • Can you take a CELTA course without a degree?

    Yes you can but you must have an education level equivalent to that required for entry into higher education.

  • What is a DELTA, and what is the difference between a CELTA or DELTA?

    The DELTA (Diploma in England Language Teaching to Adults) is the next level qualification up from a CELTA, and is recommended to teachers with a certain amount of direct EFL experience already. Generally speaking, EFL teachers tend to start thinking about doing a DELTA after anywhere between 2-5 years’ experience.

Accommodation at LSI

Accommodation in Portsmouth

If you require accommodation in Portsmouth during your CELTA course, our Accommodation department will be happy to help you find a suitable LSI host family, or help you book your own accommodation in the city.

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