If you’re studying for more than a few weeks at the school and would like a bike to ride around the city, it might be cheaper for you to buy one.

There are lots of bike shops in Portsmouth where you can rent or buy a new or second-hand bike.

Important information:

It is illegal to ride a bike at night without lights so you if you want to use your bike in the dark, you must have lights. A lock is essential if you don’t want your bike to be stolen. A helmet is recommended for general safety. You can buy helmets from £20, locks from £10 (D-locks are a little more expensive but the best for security) and lights from £12.

Below are details for 2 bike shops that are located near to LSI/IH Portsmouth.

  • Southsea Cycles
  • Portsmouth Cycle Exchange

Both of the shops recommended below sell helmets, locks and lights.