First days can be scary! We want to tell you what you can expect on day 1 so you’re prepared. Really don’t worry though, lots of new students start every week!

Here is your timetable for day 1 (GE and Exam course students only)

  • 08:30: Arrival – Relax in the student lounge and meet the student services team.
  • 09.15: Be taken into the induction room for a presentation from the Director of Studies.
  • 09:45: Have a tour of the school!
  • 10.15: Breaktime – You can go to the student lounge on the 2nd floor. Coffee costs £1. If you have not already taken a test, you will be taken to a testing room.
  • 10:30: If you have already finished the test, you can go to your first class (your name will be listed on the ground floor class lists).
  • 11.45: Lunch break – You can come back and have lunch in the school or go into the city centre or one of the nearby cafes.
  • 13.00: Afternoon classes start.
  • 14.15: Afternoon coffee break.
  • 14.30: Back to class for your second afternoon lesson.
  • 15:45: School finishes!

Important information

Your timetable

On day 1 your classes start at 13:00 if you have a test in the morning.  Every school day after this, your classes will start at 9:00am – please be on time!

Remember to email us a picture to so that we can make a student card for you.


Women – First floor – go up the stairs to the 1st floor. The women’s toilets are at the top of the stairs in front of you.

Men – First floor – go up the stairs to the 1st floor. Turn left and go through one set of doors. The men’s toilets are on your right.

People you will probably meet

Lea Brophy – Principal
Lewis Richards – General English and Exams DOS
Jo Bagley – General English and Exams ADOS
Amelia Gibson – Student Services Manager