Practical Tips for Teaching OET

Our Exams Director of Studies Lewis Richards last week presented a webinar for OET entitled ‘Practical Tips for teaching OET’.   OET run regular Friday webinars for teachers, and we were delighted and honoured to be asked to contribute to the programme.

Practical ideas for Teaching OET

Lewis presented a series of practical ideas for teaching that he has developed in OET classes at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth over the last couple of years.  The webinar included tips for tackling the reading and listening papers, and lesson ideas for the speaking and writing.  Lewis says: “I’ve been teaching intensive OET courses regularly at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth, and along with my colleagues, I’ve developed lots of ideas for the OET classroom.  The main idea of the webinar was to try to show how you can teach an intensive OET course as effectively as possible, but at the same time make the lessons interesting and engaging for students”.

Premium Preparation Provider status

LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth is one of the few schools in the UK to be awarded Premium Preparation Provider status.   This means that OET have certified that the teaching at the school is of the highest quality.   “Getting Premium Provider status was definitely hard work.  However, it has been worth it, as we are now in an even better position to deliver great OET courses.   I was happy to be able to share some of the ideas I worked on during the Premium Provider process during my webinar”, says Lewis.

The webinar is available on the OET Education website. If you are an OET student or teacher looking for some new ideas, you are welcome to have a look:

LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth runs a one-week intensive OET course every month.  We have helped many medical and healthcare professionals achieve the required scores.  This has enabled them to be able to move on to the next stage of their careers.  Moreover, we can also offer 1-1 lessons if that suits your schedule better.  Please find information on our intensive OET preparation course here and information on our next test dates here.  Please get in touch with us if you would like more information.
OET Intensive course
OET is the world’s only English language test specifically for healthcare professionals.  OET is recognised by healthcare boards and universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and many other countries.  It has recently been accepted for nurses and doctors wishing to apply for positions in the United States.