One student’s journey at LSI (and what a journey it has been!)



This blog features our lovely student Olena from Ukraine, and tells the story of the last two years, from her arrival in the UK to her current situation working in a hospital in Chichester.
Olena arrived in the UK in 2022 after the start of the war in Ukraine, accompanied by her son. Her husband Stas remained in Odessa, working as a surgeon in a hospital there. She contacted LSI in May 2022 about English lessons, and we were happy to offer her a scholarship to help her improve her English and acclimatise to the country. We interviewed Olena at the end of her time at LSI, and here’s what she had to say.



How was your experience of studying at LSI?
My experience of studying at LSI was extremely positive and it helped me enormously, even if I did not realise it at first. When I started at LSI I was put into the Elementary group, as my English at first was very basic. Because I had a limited vocabulary in English, I was reluctant to speak. However, this changed over a few months, and I began to realise that I was able to speak with the indigenous people and communicative effectively and understand what was being said.

Tell us about your progress in English during your time at LSI:
I made good progress, and towards the end of my course I passed the IELTS exam at 6.5 (B2 level) and continued to the ‘Advanced group’ as my goal was to achieve a grade of 7.5 (C1 level). I have to say that the system and method of teaching is incredibly effective, it involves classroom-based lessons plus recommendations of what to read and study at home.

How was your experience at LSI in general?
What can I say in general about LSI? It is an amazing place with exceptionally dedicated and caring staff. The teachers are helpful and encouraging and always tried to make the lessons interesting and practical. I would also like to mention the positive and welcoming atmosphere at the school. I was able to meet a diverse range of students from around the world and have formed some very close friendships with whom I will be staying in contact. The social program is very well thought out, organised, and covered a wide range of interests outside the course.

So, what are you doing now?
As a result of improving my English to a C1 level, I was able to obtain a position working in St Richard’s hospital in Chichester. [Olena is a qualified gynaecologist]. It’s an incredible opportunity for me to continue my career in my field in another country, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone at LSI.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
I would like to say “Thank you” to the Director of Studies for giving me the opportunity to study in the first place, the senior teacher, all my teachers and the amazing staff of Student Services for your dedication and professionalism. You show genuine interest in helping your students and are a credit to the school.



Thank you Olena!

It was a pleasure to have you with us in the school, and we’re delighted you’ve got a great job in hospital, and you can pursue your career in the UK. Very best wishes for the future from all of us at LSI!