Business English Courses at LSI/IH Portsmouth

Business English Courses at LSI/IH Portsmouth

What Are the Business English Courses?

LSI/IH Portsmouth specialises in the design of specifically-tailored ‘English for Professional Communication’ Business courses on a one-to-one or small group basis. The courses are essentially practical and designed to improve communicative performance in a wide range of professional, business and commercial contexts. For more information about our specialist English courses, please visit the appropriate page or contact us today.

LSI/IH Portsmouth’s Business English Course Content

Our business English courses are designed to ensure you succeed in professional communication. At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we provide quality curriculums that will enhance your potential on both personal and professional levels. Delivered by qualified teachers who can offer knowledge as well as experience – you can be guaranteed maximum value when you choose LSI/IH Portsmouth.

What you will get:

  • Personalised lessons designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Teaching methods adapted to adults and business people
  • Materials adapted to real-life situations related to your job so that your training is always authentic, relevant and practical
  • Fully-resourced presentation training rooms, equipped with SmartBoards, projectors, and high-speed WiFi
  • Complete daily homework to consolidate the lessons
  • Detailed feedback on your progress
  • Access to a wide range of materials in our Study Centre to help you progress quickly

The Cambridge Linguaskill Online Test

“Linguaskill At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we offer the Linguaskill test. This is a quick and convenient online test which tests four key language skills:
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
Linguaskill is used to help organisations like LSI/IH Portsmouth check the English levels of individuals and groups of candidates, powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. As a Linguaskill agent, we can both enhance our portfolio of services and match you with the most suitable business English course depending on your needs.

The Linguaskill test follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we offer specifically the listening and reading part of the Linguaskill test.

Key Information:

Minimum age: For all Executive Courses: 25 For 30+ Business Communication: 30
Maximum class size: For Executive Combination: 4 For Closed Group: 6 For 30+ Business Communication AM: 8 For 30+ Business Communication PM: 4
Course Length Minimum one week
Course Hours For all Executive Courses: 25 hours per week, plus 5-10 hours self-access. For 30+ Business Communication : 27.5 hours per week, plus 5-10 hours self-access
When can I start? Start any Monday including public holidays.
What Business English skills test do you offer?? At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we offer the Linguaskill test.

Executive Combination Course

  This business English course option combines 50% 1:1 lessons with 50% small group lessons (maximum four participants) – offering the advantages of both individual and group tuition. This is our most popular Business English Course, aimed at those who want to improve communicative performance in a wide range of professional contexts.

Executive Combination Plus

  If you are looking for a more intensive business English course, then this course might be what you are looking for. It is the same as the Executive Combination course, but offers more intensive tuition with additional 1:1 hours. Participants will receive a total of 17.5 hours 1:1 lessons + 12.5 hours small group lessons.

Individual Coaching

  This is a focused and highly-individualised business English programme, based on a detailed needs analysis of the professional and social needs of the participants. This course is ideal for those who have a very specialist agenda for their course, or for students of a low level who may not want to participate in an open group.

Closed Group

A Closed Group business English course consists of participants from the same company or organisation with compatible language levels and training needs. This option allows us to concentrate on the specific professional and linguistic needs which are particular to the group. There is a maximum of 6 participants per group.

Professional English Plus Golf

These courses combine focused Professional Communications training with the practice, language and etiquette of golf. We offer a variety of programme options, from the relative beginner to the serious player. You will improve your communication skills while playing golf in the beautiful English countryside.