Portsmouth – Oh how we love you, all of you

At the last count, we came up with another 11 different places called Portsmouth.  Probably one of the more famous ones is the Portsmouth in New Hampshire.  Recently on Instagram, someone posted a video of Portsmouth, and when watching, it was very much a case of ‘how lovely … hold on a minute … that’s not…’.  It really is extraordinary how similar the two places are.  Check below and see if you agree.

Video from instagram by: @lilyhairullina

Video from instagram by: @LSI/IH PortsmouthPortsmouth
So of course, video number 2 is the Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK, the top video is Portsmouth New Hampshire, USA.
In case you are interested here are the other 11 places called Portsmouth:
Other Portsmouths in UK:

Portsmouth – Calderdale

Places called Portsmouth in America.
Portsmouth – Virginia
Portsmouth – Rhode Island
Portsmouth – Ohio
Portsmouth – North Carolina
Portsmouth – New Hampshire
Portsmouth – Kentucky
Portsmouth – Iowa

Others in the world:
Portsmouth – Saint John, Dominica

Portsmouth – Ontario, Canada