Popular social activities at LSI/IH Portsmouth

people dancingWork hard and play hard! At LSI/IH Portsmouth, it’s not all about studying; we also care about your social life while you are in the UK. As many students have returned to the UK for face to face courses, our social programme is getting more popular now. We organise many social activities during weekdays and also weekends, we set up new plans for students every month and we also check with our students to see if there are any cities, places of interest and attractions they wish to go.

We have interviewed our lovely social programme organiser Alex, who is also our admission officer. Here is what she says about our popular activities at LSI/IH Portsmouth:

“Our most popular activities are weekend excursions, places further afield. Our students love trips to London, exploring the traditional buildings, history and visiting places like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Covent Gardens. Another popular trip is one of our weekday activities, a boat trip around Portsmouth Harbour! Our students love seeing the naval boats around the port and seeing the beautiful landscape of Portsmouth, especially when the weather is good!”

Summer is coming in the UK, this means we get more sunlights and making the days longer. There are more places we can go and enjoy our sunshine.

Here is an example of what we have organised for our students in June 2022.

If you wish to find out more about our Social Programme, please click here.

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