Top 6 Schools to Study English, in England, 2019



  • LSI/IH Portsmouth

in Portsmouth

  • English Immersion

in Cambridge

  • Penzance English Courses

in Penzance

  • English in Chester

in Chester

  • Aventure Linguistique

in Iwerne Minister

  • NILE

in Norwich

Where can I Study English in the UK?


There are over 400 English language schools in the UK. It would take a very long time to list the advantages and disadvantages of them all (and to read them!). This list has aimed to explore some of the unique and excellent schools around England which may not often get mentioned. We will examine interesting facts about the locations and courses on offer.

  • LSI/IH Portsmouth




Recently, LSI/IH Portsmouth was ranked joint number 1 best English Language School in the UK. This was because it was found to excel in the teaching of English to Adults (18+). LSI/IH Portsmouth offers a wide variety of English courses such as: Full-time General English and 30+, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge Exam Preparation, OET Preparation, Business English, Specialist English, and University Preparation.


The school has over 55 classrooms, many equipped with interactive whiteboards. In addition to it’s top ranked English language classes, it offers a full and varied social programme which includes weekend trips, and helps students find accommodation with host families or in the LSI/IH Portsmouth student house.


Portsmouth City

Portsmouth is the UK’s only island city, ideally located on the beautiful south coast, a short train ride from London. It is a typically English city that attracts many British tourists due to it’s beaches and cultural events. Portsmouth has a population of just over 200,000.

Portsmouth History

Portsmouth first appeared in written history in 501AD and is a city filled with history. A few examples of this include that Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are all writers who lived in Portsmouth. When Henry VIII became King, he made Portsmouth his military capital, and this can still be seen today with Southsea Castle, and the fortifications in Old Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Events

Lots goes on in Portsmouth every year,The America’s Cup World Series has been hosted by Portsmouth and Victorious music festival is an annual event. Donald Trump is visiting the D-Day Story Museum in June this year. There is a rich and vibrant nightlife, with trendy bars like Drift or more traditional pubs where you can meet and interact with locals such as The Wine Vaults.


Did you know?


Our maximum class size of 12 is smaller than the UK Average – 14 or even 16 students.

Our courses are more intensive (22.5 hours per week) than most UK schools.

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  • English Immersion



English Immersion offers a unique and immersive language study experience for juniors aged 16 to 18 year old. The school has a strong reputation and extensive experience dealing with this age group and helping them to gain the most from their time in England. Courses include Law, Medicine, and Economics among others.


The benefits of learning a language in an immersive environment have been well-documented. English Immersion provides not just an immersion rich environment for juniors, but also a safe place for young learners to gain confidence and develop their language skills.

  • Penzance English Courses


Looking to Escape all the hustle and bustle of city life? Penzance English Courses offers a break to the rural south-west of England. Offering a uniquely quaint insight into life in a small coastal town. Penzance English offers students the chance to study in an intimate cozy environment. The group sizes are small and personalized (one-to-one or classes of two, if you go to study with a friend).


Cornwall is filled with natural beauty and as a result the location where many movies are filmed such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • English in Chester



English in Chester offers 50+ courses, a chance to study with people of a similar age and with similar interests. Interestingly, English in Chester was ranked joint 2nd in the UK as an English Language school, so it earns it’s place on this list for it’s unique courses and high-quality teaching. The city of Chester is in the north of England, near Liverpool.


Chester has been voted the 5th most beautiful city in Europe, beating Prague, Budapest, Venice, and Bruges! This makes it an ideal city to study in and relax!

  • Aventure Linguistique



Aventure Linguistique provides a variety of English language courses for juniors, featured here is the course for Music and English. This is an excellent course for any children or teenagers who want to practice their English and express themselves through music, and optionally through singing. There are many advantages to learning a language through music, singing can help with memorisation of vocabulary and grammer structures, it also helps with pronunciation as we practice replicating the sounds that we hear. Find out more information about the research into music as a tool for learning by clicking here.


Aventure Linguistique also offers Sports and English programmes and English & Arts courses, not only in the UK, but also internationally.

  • NILE



NILE was joint ranked the 2nd best English language school in the UK. At NILE, teachers are taught to be better teachers. NILE runs a variety of courses, but the most prestigious of these courses is arguably the DELTA, many consider the DELTA to be the ultimate in TEFL qualifications, it is the certificate that proves a teacher has an exceptional level of teaching.


If you are looking to earn serious qualifications in teaching English, then this school is the one for you.

Why take an English language course in the UK?


It is often said that you cannot learn a language without learning its culture. Learning English in Britain gives students the opportunity to do both: study the language and experience the culture. In addition, it offers a totally immersive environment which is perfect for everyday practice.

  • Experience English culture

Dive into British culture. Learn which language to use in which situation, what is considered rude? What is considered polite? How do the British deal with small talk? What is British humour? Gain a deeper understanding of why English people behave in the way that they do and how the language works in society.

  • Learn the language in an immersive environment

Shopping, ordering food in a restaurant, buying tickets, all of these things will have to be done through conversation with native speakers. Signs, menus, information broadcast over loudspeakers at train stations will all be in English. These things will push your language to the next level.

  • Live with a host family

Living with a host family, you will meet and speak with a native resident of the country every evening around the dinner table. This is the perfect opportunity to practice your English to talk about your day and ask about theirs. In addition, you can learn more about their thoughts and opinions on national/international topics.

  • Make friends from other cultures

Use English as the lingua franca to communicate with other international students. Meet people from rich and vibrant cultures which you have yet to visit. Exchange ideas and opinions, gain a deeper understanding of each other’s culture and meet likeminded people who will become your friends!

  • Study with the best

Teachers who teach English as a foreign language in the UK have usually travelled a lot! Typically, they will have seen the world and gained an insight into how other cultures work. Also, they will have taught English a lot and for a long time! Making teachers in England very experienced and reliable!


Want to learn more about LSI/IH Portsmouth?


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