The CELTA Course at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth

The CELTA course at LSI/IH Portsmouth

The Cambridge Assessment Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)  course is the most recognised and respected TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification in the world.  It is a qualification that is trusted by employers, language schools and governments. 3 out of 4 English language teaching jobs require a CELTA. 

The CELTA course at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth 

Here at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth, 100% of our teachers have taken a CELTA, and we have always trusted the CELTA to give practical knowledge and experience that we value in our teaching team.  It is a qualification that we believe makes better, more effective teachers.  One of the key elements of the CELTA course is that trainees have to teach from day 1, and get regular feedback and input on their teaching, meaning that it is a highly practical course, equipping even people with no teaching experience with the skills needed to start teaching English as a Foreign Language.  

We were therefore delighted when Cambridge approved us as a CELTA training centre.  Our Director of Studies and CELTA Course Director, Lewis Richards had already taught on a number of CELTA courses over the years and was very keen.  “I think it’s a great step forward for us and LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth is a great fit as a CELTA centre, with our strong commitment to Teacher Training and internal teacher development.  We have a great team of teachers to deliver an excellent course. 

We are delighted to offer this opportunity to candidates from abroad as well as the local community to take the next step in their career as a TEFL teacher”, said LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth’s Director of Marketing Emma Hoyle. “It also gives our teachers a wonderful chance for personal development, if they choose to become more active in Teacher Training”. 

We are going to be running our first full-time CELTA course  on 25th January and our part-time course on 24th April.  You can find more information and our FAQs here. 

Interview with Peter Watkins 

Peter is the author of The CELTA Course manual along with Scott Thornbury and is Principal Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Portsmouth.    We are hoping that Peter will be a guest tutor during on our CELTA courses. 

In this video, you can see Peter talking to Lewis about the new CELTA course. 

Lewis Richards to Peter Watkins: 

1:  When did you first teach the CELTA? 

2:  Do you need a degree or teaching experience to take the course? 

3:  What advice would you give someone doing a CELTA course? 

4:  How did you find writing the CELTA handbook? 

Peter Watkins to Lewis Richards: 

1:  Why is LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth a good place to take a CELTA? 

2:  What career opportunities does a CELTA give you? 

3:  What is the next step if you are thinking about taking a CELTA at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth? 

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