Thinking about doing a CELTA course and becoming an English teacher?

Want to know more about how CELTA works and what it’s like to do a course? Here’s an interview with Ali, who just successfully passed our latest CELTA course (with a Pass A grade – well done Ali!)

Ali receiving her CELTA certificate from Director of Studies and CELTA tutor Lewis Richards


So, Ali, how did you find the CELTA course overall?

I found the course to be really inspiring and even though it was hard work, I enjoyed improving my skills and overcoming things I once found challenging, such as writing detailed lesson plans.   It was a great experience to work with the other trainees as well, and I found all three tutors to be very encouraging and supportive.  So, although it was challenging at times, overall it was a great experience.


What did you get out of the course?

I think definitely the confidence to plan and deliver lessons that I felt were creative and engaging for the students. I also thoroughly enjoyed the input sessions from the tutors every afternoon where I learnt about the different methodologies and how to apply them in the classroom.   I had had some teaching experience before the course, so it wasn’t my first time in a classroom, but I really got a lot out of the input and the feedback.


What did you enjoy most about the course?

I enjoyed my teaching practices the most and the feedback sessions that followed because I could reflect on what went well and what I could improve on.   It was also great that we taught every two or three days, so you could put the feedback into practice in the next lesson.


Was the CELTA what you expected it to be?

The CELTA was more practical than I expected it to be which I loved because I learn better by doing things and putting my knowledge into practice. The input sessions were also really interactive with lots of discussions which was great to get involved in.


What challenges did you face during the CELTA?

As it was the 4-week intensive course, I had to manage my time carefully and prioritise planning lessons and completing assignments simultaneously. As well as this, I regularly read over my notes from the feedback and input sessions so I could incorporate these in my next teaching practice. I believe you get out of the CELTA what you put into it!


Would you recommend the CELTA at IH/LSI Portsmouth?

Absolutely, I learnt so many valuable teaching techniques that I can’t wait to implement in the classroom.


So now you’ve passed the course, and with such a good grade, what’s next for you?

I’ve been in contact with a refugee organisation in Portsmouth, and I’m going to be teaching classes to refugees, and also running conversation classes for them, which I’m really looking forward to.  I really enjoyed working with multi-national groups of adults on the course, and I can’t wait to start teaching groups of local refugees in the next few weeks.


Well, very of best luck with that, and congratulations on such an excellent result in your CELTA – good luck with your future teacher career from everyone at the school!


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