9 Easy Ways To Improve English Speaking Without Even Thinking About It

To Improve English Speaking

Learning a language can either be a dull activity or a fun activity, and it isn’t always easy to know how to improve English speaking. 

When you learn English in England, It is very easy just to go to school, come home and do your homework and then speak to your friends in your own language and put your ‘language learning’ away for the night. What you need are creative ideas which incorporate the language into your everyday life.

Below are some great ways that our teachers have come up with on how you can increase your English vocabulary and keep practising your English, even if there is no one to speak to 😉

  1. See if you can find an English conversation group in your English school, if you can’t, why not start one? (We have one here at LSI/IH Portsmouth that Alex W hosts – come and join it if you are in the school at the moment).
  2. Use TED talks, we did a little video a while ago on how to use these to help with your English. Our Video   www.TED.com/talks
  3. Keep a diary in English. No one else ever has to read it, but just make sure you write in it regularly. (Read it aloud and maybe record yourself on your phone). 
  4. Send postcards, either to your friends back home, or to your host family when you return home. 
  5. Write your shopping list in English! 
  6. Go onto English forums and post your opinions. 
  7. Use LSI/IH Portsmouth’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube page and leave comments. 
  8. Get Netflix, watch your favourite TV shows in English. 
  9. Find a ‘tandem partner’ and exchange language, if you are following an English course in Hampshire this would be very convenient, but this system also exists all over England. here is a link to the Portsmouth group https://www.tandempartners.org/en

You can only get good at something if you practise, so make sure you speak as MUCH as possible.

If you have any more tips, add them below.