A big welcome to Rosie Ford

Rosie Ford joined us on the 6th January this year and took the role of Quality Assurance Manager and PA to the Principal (a bit of a mouthful of a title ;-).  We have been waiting for some photos, but now they are here so here is Rosie:

Are you local to Portsmouth?  No, I’m very new to the city. I’m originally a
West country girl and I grew up in Bristol,
then I moved here in January.
Where have you been for the last
five years?
America for a
short while but mainly in Bristol–
with a few holidays in between!
How long have you been doing this
Well I’ve been 3 months at LSI/IH Portsmouth but I’ve been working in language schools for nearly 5
Which countries have you worked
Both America and England.
Rosie, what are your hobbies? I love baking all kinds
of sweet things – cakes, brownies, cookies etc. 
Yum! I really enjoy keeping fit and love going to bootcamp fitness
sessions. I’m running my first half marathon later this year for charity.  I have to do lots of exercise to compensate
for all the cakes I bake and then eat!!
Your favourite place in Portsmouth?
I’m still discovering lots of
different areas but I went to the top of Spinnaker Tower
recently and loved being able to see over the whole city – I love a good view!
In the summertime, I’m sure the beach will become my new favourite place
Finally Rosie what is the most interesting thing about
you? Or one skill that you have really worked hard to get good at?
  Most interesting thing…hmmmm….. I used to
work for Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World in Florida. 
Back in the day my skills on the tennis court were quite good and I won
the under 16 Avon county championships – sadly
these skills have gone downhill slightly!   

Thank you Rosie – where are the cakes you promised??? 😉