Aiming for the Top – LSI/IH Portsmouth Teachers following the DELTA

Please Note
we do not run the DELTA at LSI/IH Portsmouth, this was an internal course for our teachers.
Five of our top teachers (Joel,
Jenni, Tom, Anisa and Jon D) have been following the DELTA (Diploma in English Language
Teaching to Adults) qualification at LSI/IH Portsmouth since September.  The DELTA is the highest
English as a Foreign Language qualification that teachers can get, and focuses
on improving teaching skills and developing teachers advanced level knowledge of
grammar, linguistics, phonetics and so on.  As part of LSI/IH Portsmouth’s commitment to helping
our teachers become as good as possible, LSI/IH Portsmouth is helping to finance the DELTA course for
these five teachers this year, and five more next year.

Going round the table from the right: Jenni, Jon D, Tom, Richard (tutor) Joel and Anisa

At present this lovely group are working really hard, and we all appreciate all the effort they are putting in.  We know they will benefit from it in the end.