Arabic Language Videos – Students Talk about LSI/IH Portsmouth

We have three new videos that have just been uploaded, with students from Oman, Saudi and Kuwait, all speaking in their mother tongue.

Hakim from Saudi explains that he was a student here for eleven months. While he was studying here, he studied General English, IELTS and Pre-Sessional English and without exaggeration (he says) he feels it was one of the best experiences of his life. He goes on to explain that he feels English is universal and because of that, you can make many international friends. He felt he could meet the whole world in one place. He said that the staff and equipment at LSI/IH Portsmouth is of high quality and he enjoyed many different activities while he was a student here.

Fawaz from Kuwait;  He came here to prepare for university and has been here for a year. His friends in Kuwait recommended it to him and he is very happy with Portsmouth. He goes out with friends and explains that there are a lot of activities to do every day. He has enjoyed studying here and enjoys all the social activities and learning about new cultures.

Finally Habib from Oman;  He says (and he is right of course) that he came to LSI/IH Portsmouth because it’s the best school in England! He feels his English has improved really quickly, and he hopes everything continues just as it is in the future.

LSI/IH Portsmouth is a school with a lot of experience. It has been running since 1985 – so for 33 years. Because of all this experience, we know what we are doing, and we know how to run a school so that it works the best it can.  It has grown organically into the school that it is today. We love welcoming students from all over the world, all with different needs and wants and abilities.

To see other students talking in their own language – have a look at our YouTube channel.

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