Coffee Time in Portsmouth – Things to do in Southsea

Although we are famous for our pubs, sometimes you just want a coffee!.  In Portsmouth and Southsea you are in luck, there are now many many cafés to visit and meet up with friends or just hang out on your own with a book or your phone.

Michael Baldwin (the teacher) has made a list of some of his favourites to try on those days when you aren’t going on one of the social programme organised trips. Don’t forget as well to have a look at our Summer in Portsmouth blog with some suggestions from Catt.

This is Michael’s Coffee Trail – from the Round Tower to Albert Road via Eastney Espalande. (He wants to add that they are all locally owned businesses)

So, you start at the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth.

  1. The Canteen, Round Tower – wonderful location; It is possible to sit and watch the sea while drinking a coffee, but those seats are limited. They will even supply a rug for your legs on cooler days. Great coffee; (owned by the same people as abarbistro & The Tenth Hole); summer hours are extended Thursday – Saturdays.


  1. TeaTray, 31 Osbourne Road – really a tearoom (but good coffee) BUT do talk to the owner who also does street art – you can see examples directly opposite on the unused building next to the Queens Hotel). Very relaxed atmosphere.


  1. Southsea Coffee Co, 63 Osbourne Road – fantastic hand brew/pour-over single origin coffees and cakes; check out their back garden. Very trendy!


  1. South Beach Café, Eastney Espalande – great location, good coffee, good food (at the weekends they are very busy), but again you can watch the sea while you drink your coffee.


  1. Tenth Hole, Eastern Parade – hidden location, great coffee, good food, dangerously good cakes! (same owners as The Canteen & abarbistro) .  The cakes really are something out of this world.


  1. Hunter Gatherer, 249 Albert Road – great coffee, good food, good vibe, good ethics.


  1. Aurora Coffee, 40 Albert Road – good coffee, good food. Very relaxed atmosphere, open some evenings.


  1. Home Coffee, 36 Albert Road – good coffee, good food lovely hosts.


  1. The Garage Lounge, 1 Albert Road – the only (so far) all day & evening alcohol-free, tea/coffee house in Southsea/Portsmouth (open 7am-10pm every day); good coffee, excellent cakes and food. Nice and big, generally you can always find somewhere to sit. This is where we often go for our conversation club.

(Please note: Portsmouth/Southsea coffee places are mostly daytime hours, i.e. they close by 6pm.)


If you have any other suggestions – please do add them, we love getting comments.