Course Work Show Case – Some Examples of Student’s Work

What do students do in a language school?  The days of a blackboard, a strict teacher, and everyone just copying down grammar are in the distant past, today language classrooms are vibrant, fun and communicative places to be.  It is a place to come to speak and practise your English, to make friends, learn about different cultures and generally have a really good time. From the feedback we get from our students, it can very often be the highlight of their lives, a time when they visit another country, learn a language as well as meet wonderful new people.  We have occasionally shown on here some of the work that our students do in class.  This week we are showing what the students in Jon’s class did. Fantastic interviews, with some excellent language and prose.

From Soo and Badar

From Moss and Ahmad

From Abdurahman and his group






















From Haitham Alkalbani


Grateful thanks to Jon D, Soo, Badar, Moss, Ahmad, Haitham, Abdurahman and his group.