COVID-19 Pandemic and Mental Health:

Mental Health and happiness during lockdown

Looking After Your Mental Health During a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that we have experienced a global lock-down, changing the way we live, work and experience life. While there is a definite increase in hope that things will return to normality soon, with shops, bars and restaurants re-opening on 4th July in England, there are still many health factors involved with keeping safe during a global pandemic. One that is regularly overlooked is mental health.

Your mental health reflects your emotional wellbeing – simply put, your happiness. Being kept indoors and unable to see loved ones has naturally effected happiness levels globally, causing many people to become lost, confused and upset during lockdown.

While everyone processes things differently, LSI/IH Portsmouth has decided to put together some tips and tricks for keeping your happiness levels up during these times.

In the rush to return to normality, take time to assess what you feel comfortable with.

Just because all your friends are going to visit the local pub at the weekend does not mean that you must. If you feel unsure, unsafe, or scared – this is fine. Take your time adjusting back, there is no rush. All these facilities and leisure activities will be there much longer than they are not. Take time to communicate with your loved ones if you are feeling anxious and explain to them what you are worried about. The great news is that because everyone has experienced this pandemic, they will understand your concerns and reasons not to participate immediately.

Keep doing the things you love.

During lockdown, it is likely you got familiar with hobbies that you really enjoy doing. Perhaps you learned a new language, a new instrument or watched some of your favourite TV shows again. Just because life is shifting back to becoming more social again, you do not have to give up your new-found hobbies. Continue to make time for yourself and do not allow your schedule to become overwhelmed with lots of plans.

Think about what you missed the most.

There was lots of time for thinking during the global lockdown. What did you miss most of all? Perhaps it was your family and friends. Perhaps it was your routine of going to work or school. Whatever it was, make sure that becomes your priority. If you missed your family and friends the most during lockdown, avoid going to busy public spaces just because they are available now, and focus on spending quality time with the people that you love the most.

If you are really struggling, ask for help.

This experience will change the way the world thinks and acts for the rest of our lives. It is okay to feel overwhelmed by this. If you need extra help, make sure you ask for it. Have a look to see what your country offers in terms of support for mental health; if you are based in the UK there are some great resources that can be found by visiting

Remember to reach out to friends and family when your happiness levels are low. Having conversations with people you love can really help improve your mental health!

If you are an LSI/IH Portsmouth student experiencing any mental health related issues, remember you can contact our Welfare team who will be able to give you additional support if you need it. You can email us on