Elly Tries to Beat an 80 year Old Man!

One of the things we are very proud of here at LSI/IH Portsmouth is the caring and generous nature of so many of the teachers and staff.  Many of the teachers doing weird and wonderful things to raise money for charity, donating their time and effort (and cash) for wonderful causes.
With one of her biggest supporters – John (Hicks) behind the barrier.

Recently Elly Easey (our lovely Reception Manager) really pulled out all the stops by completing a triathlon.   For various reason we are only able to publish now, but we can’t let it go without posting up about her amazing achievement.  It was in aid of the Leukaemia Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Society.  These were charities that were particularly important to her, as her Uncle Jim, who had both of these illnesses, sadly passed away in January.
So in July in the heat of the Summer in Chichester, Elly got ready to face one of the biggest challenges of her life.  Although she had started training in preparation, injury had stopped her training as much as she wished.  
Before the event we asked her to tell us in her own words what she would be doing and why she was doing it and below are her words. 

“It’s the hottest July in 7
years and the heatwave is set to continue into next week.  Most people are getting their barbecues,
sunglasses and deck chairs ready for the weekend but not me.  No, I’m preparing my swimming hat, racing
bike and running shoes because this Sunday I’m doing a triathlon.
This isn’t something I’d
normally do on a blisteringly hot day, by the way!  I’m doing this to raise money for two
charities that are very important to my family – the Leukaemia Cancer Society
and the Alzheimer’s Society.
We hear a lot about
Alzheimer’s and leukaemia in the news but do you know what they really are?
Alzheimer’s is one of the
causes of dementia (an illness which causes memory loss, confusion and mood
swings).  There are around 800,000 people
with Alzheimer’s in the UK
today.  Sadly, there is no cure for this
illness.  It usually gets worse over time
and it can be very difficult for both the person and their family.  The money I am raising will go towards
teaching doctors and nurses the best ways to help care for those suffering from
the illness and also the best way to give support to the families of the
Leukaemia is a cancer that
affects white blood cells and bone marrow. 
It makes the person feel very sick and weak.  There is treatment for this illness and
people can recover but it is not easy. 
In 2010 8,257 people were diagnosed with leukaemia in the UK.  Amazingly, 44.5 % of patients survive their
cancer for 5 years or more.  With the
money I’m raising, charities like Leukaemia Cancer Society hope to make that
percentage a lot higher.
So when you’re sitting on
the beach this Sunday, eating an ice cream, think of me!  If you’d like to sponsor me you can donate on
my justgiving pages http://www.justgiving.com/Elly-Easey
for Leukaemia Cancer Society
for Alzheimer’s Society
Or if you want to help me
get to the finish line, stand there with an ice cream and I’ll definitely run

Elly with her Dad

“I did it!  I arrived early in the morning to collect my
race number and set my kit up in the transition area.  It made me feel a little bit better that the
man registering in front of me looked about 80 years old – surely I can do it
faster than him!  

I was definitely more than a
little bit nervous before I got into the pool. 
There were so many people taking part and so many people watching!  I think the swim was the worst part.  Once I’d finished that and run to the
transition area I felt much more comfortable. 
I could hear my family cheering me on and the atmosphere was
brilliant.  The cycle route went through
some stunning countryside and other than my bottle falling off my bike, the
HUGE hill and the heat, it was really fun. 
The hardest part was running afterwards. 
I was so hot, my legs were like jelly and I was very thirsty.  After about 4 km my legs were really hurting
but as soon as I saw the finish line I had a burst of energy and managed to
sprint to the end. 
I LOVED it.  Completing that triathlon was the best
feeling in the world.  I was so excited
afterwards I felt like I could do it all again!
In total I’ve raised around
£550.  Thank you so much to everyone who
made a donation.  Anyone who wants to
join me next year, I’ll be there, hoping to beat my time….and the 80 year old
man who finished before me!”