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Everyday English from LSI/IH Portsmouth – Tutorials in English for Everyday Activities

We are so excited to launch our new series of video lessons! Everyday English with subtitles. 

As teachers (and also language learners) we know that there is a lot of language you need in everyday life that is not necessarily taught in a course book or at school.  The type of language that no-one really thinks about, it might not be grammatically correct but it is used in normal everyday life.

Our wonderful LSI/IH Portsmouth teachers and friends have made a selection of little videos showing everyday activities. All these videos have subtitles and the tape script in the video description, so you can see the language used.  Some of them also have downloadable PDFs with further language explanations. We will be publishing them weekly for the next few weeks.
Massive thanks to Alan, Catherine and Rosie for these first two videos.
As a little side note, most of these videos are perfect for IELTS task one processes, so if you are teaching or studying IELTS, do have a look at the language, it could be really useful for you.