Exam Courses In Portsmouth mean Job Opportunities in Spain!

    Hello Beatriz, firstly thank you for letting us interview

    Where do you come from
    and how long will you stay at LSI/IH Portsmouth?

    My name is Beatriz Navas Gil, I come from Madrid in Spain. At
    first, I was going to be here just 6 weeks but in the end I will stay 17 weeks
    in total.

    So Beatriz, why are
    you learning English?

    I’m learning English because it’s the best way to
    communicate with people from all over the world and also because I’d like to
    work abroad.

    With so many places to
    choose from why did you choose Portsmouth?

    Mostly because of LSI/IH Portsmouth. 
    I had my brother and one friend’s examples of their experiences here and
    that was what helped me to make up my mind (I was also considering Oxford and London).

    What do you do back

    I am applying for jobs.

    What are your hobbies?

    meeting people from all the countries.  I
    love finding out different cultures and traditions.  Also going out, travelling and visiting new

    If you are taking an
    exam which one and why?

    CAE. Because it’s one of the best ways to show that I have an advanced level of
    English and also because with it, I have more opportunities of getting a
    job.  And what is more, it doesn’t

    What are you goals for
    the future?

    Up to now finding a job to get professional experience
    because I would like to set up my own company one day.

    Thank you Beatriz – and we wish you all the best of luck in whatever you do!