Facelift Time

2012 has been a year of change – great change at LSI/IH Portsmouth.  Leaders are coming and going, teachers are coming and going, new regulations have come into force, new inspections have been undertaken (with fab results of course).  New accomodation for students has been made available We had our first conference here, we’ve been playing musical chairs with everyone’s offices, new courses have been offered on the curriculum, in fact there is almost nothing that hasn’t been changed.  To accompany the changes have been the updates in decor.  The building has been freshened up inside, new furniture is in place in the general and executive social areas, new floor signs, new phonetic charts, and some lovely posters and pictures are on the walls now to brighten the place up and make it feel more ‘Portsmouth’ based.  If you haven’t been to the school in a few years, I’m sure you would hardly recognise the place.