From Russia with Love

Having returned from my very busy trip to Moscow meeting some of our partners I thought I’d share my views and experiences of this trip with the readers of the LSI/IH Portsmouth Blog.

If you’ve never been to Moscow before I say book your flights now as it’s definitely one fascinating place.

What I liked the most about the city is the beautiful Moscow Metro that amazes its commuters with the extravagant design and structure. The beautiful marble floors, fresco ceilings and chandeliers are quite breathtaking so when you do admire the beauty of this cultural phenomenon make sure you keep an eye on the time if you’ve arranged to meet someone for a cup of Russian tea with bubliki.  If you’re generally not a soup lover trying Russian borscht will prove to be a life-changing experience. If you have time do pop into one of the local cafes or restaurants on Arbat and try this rich, beetroot soup served hot or even cold in the summer. I loved having this soup with some dark Russian rye bread sitting outside of my favourite café Mu-Mu (Му-Му) on the Old Arbat. Finally, make sure you visit Red Square on a sunny day for some amazing views of Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Spasskaya Tower that are probably one of the most visited sights in Moscow. You’ll also be able to enjoy the views of the Moscow river and maybe jump on one of the boats to take a tour around Moscow all while avoiding the traffic of the busy Moscow streets.


While there I met up with our friend Dmitry
(shown here with one of his teachers

Moscow without a doubt is a tourist gem that has a lot to offer to anyone looking for adventures with a Russian flavour!
Explore, enjoy and share!
Margarita Atlasova
Sales and Marketing