A Close Shave

This time last year, a group of our teachers joined ‘Movember’ to raise money for men’s cancer charities.  You can read about it here: One of the Kindest Cuts of All

It’s that time of year again and this year our teacher Michael Baldwin is challenging his follicles for a good cause.  As long as we’ve known Michael he has had a hairy chin so it was quite a shock to see him clean shaven on the 1st November (see below).  We asked him why he was going facially naked and this is what he told us:

‘The most important reason is to raise awareness, and even for me to be more aware of the cancers that are killing people and that we know so little about.  We need to raise money for research, this is aimed at prostate cancer, but really it’s to raise awareness of any type of cancer.  I would love people to donate to my page on the Movember site but in fact donating to any cancer charity would be fabulous.’

People are welcome to donate
via the website on my behalf http://mobro.co/michaelrdbaldwin



To see what Ray Winstone and Jimmy White want you to know click this 
video link  (great clip!!)

To read how Movember started click the link below

Fact box:

Some other cancer charities that also do great work
and would welcome donations are: