Goodbye Summer Pre-Sessional Students – You Are Fab

On Friday 31st we said goodbye to our Summer Pre-Sessional students. While some joined us for just an intensive four weeks, others said goodbye after almost six months on the course.



Friday marked the end of a lot of hard work on weekend assignments, projects and presentations and we are really proud of the progress they all made. Nobody found the course easy but everyone managed to overcome their difficulties and we are really pleased to say that everybody passed! The final days of the course saw our students produce some excellent notes from the two fascinating lectures they attended and engage in some brilliant seminar discussions. Perhaps most importantly, they got their marks for their excellent final projects and presentations which really showed that they had learnt a lot over the last few months. It was extremely interesting to learn about all of their research from historic hotels to challenges facing refugees to the functionalities of online assistants.

Finally, on Friday morning, all of the students were presented with their certificates and reports in a lovely leaving ceremony and we then enjoyed some nice food and drink together before we said goodbye to each other.

We are sad to see them all leave but we are happy that they are ready to start the next part of their journey here in the UK as they now begin their exciting university courses! We wish them all the best of luck and hope they keep in touch!