Graduation Week in Portsmouth

On your journey to LSI/IH Portsmouth this week you may have noticed large numbers of rather smartly dressed women and men, wearing what is called ‘academic dress’ which consists of a gown (a type of cloak) and a mortarboard (a type of hat). This, of course, is graduation week for students from the University of Portsmouth!

Students from the different faculties and departments in the university, whether they have completed an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course, will be attending a graduation ceremony in the main auditorium at the Guildhall. All students are given two free tickets for family and friends, though they can also buy additional tickets if they wish. *

After the ceremony many, if not most, students will head off to celebrate in pubs, bars and restaurants in Portsmouth. Some students may also go to the Grad Ball which takes place on Saturday 21st.

For those who wish to have an official photograph taken, they are able to have this done by going to the University’s official photographer for the event at St.Paul’s Sports Hall just opposite LSI/IH Portsmouth.

If they wish to receive a copy of their parchment (graduation certificate) then it is posted to them.

Some Undergraduate students may come back in the future to do a Postgraduate course. For most however, it’s the time to step out into the world!

*If you would like to watch any of the graduation ceremonies, follow the link below.