How to be an Instagram influencer

How to be an Instagram influencer – with a little help from a friend!

You may have noticed the change in our Instagram account in the past few weeks?  Fantastic little videos showcasing our wonderful school and city?  Well, they are the work of content creative, Bruno Feijo.  For those who haven’t seen them, here is an example: 

Study English in Portsmouth

Bruno has worked in international marketing in the language travel industry for many years.  When the pandemic happened, he turned the crisis into an opportunity and started his own company.  We loved his style and energy, so decided to work together. 

I asked Bruno how his company came about and his top tips for being an influencer. 

I started travelling 13 years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. The more people and new cultures I met, the bigger the desire to continue travelling and exploring the world. I have always wanted to share my experiences and influence people to visit other places. I do believe that travelling opens your mind in so many ways, and it also helps to  understand other cultures, consequently diminishing all sorts of prejudices. 


During the pandemic I lost my previous job as a Sales Manager for a reputable school in the UK. Although it came as a surprise, it gave me the motivation to learn new skills and adapt to the current circumstance. I wanted to come up with a solution for Language schools to keep promoting themselves without the urge of travelling all the time, and how could they do that? How could they promote their location as study destinations if they cannot meet their clients? The answer was simple: by going digital!  

And that’s how I created TELL (Travel, Experience, Live & Learn). We simply help businesses to go digital, by creating relevant content and advising our clients on marketing strategies. 

My top 5 pieces of advice for anyone who wants to grow their social media presence are: 

  • Have a strategy 
  • Try new content 
  • Be constant – keep posting! 
  • Set goals  
  • Understand your audience 

Thanks, Bruno – we look forward to following your journey 😊 

To find out more: TELL – Travel Experience Live Learn