How to Ensure you Choose the Best Business English Course for You

Easy Ways To Choose 

The Best Business English Course 

We all know that there are so many Business English courses to choose from out there but how do you know that you are getting the best course available? Here are some ways to help you differentiate.

The first point is to make sure that the language school specialises in corporate English training. This means that you will be with professionals from different companies and countries who are your contemporaries. A good sign is to ask for a list of their clients and see how many names you recognise.

Another key to a successful business English course is that it is adapted to your professional needs. As an example, if you are a project manager who needs English for managing international teams, you will need English for meetings, English for presentations or English for negotiations; you will need exposures to different accents; you will need the intercultural awareness and soft skills to manage these international teams effectively. By analysing your needs before the business English course starts, and then during it and being able to react quickly and flexibly to those needs, the course will be adapted to your corporate English needs.

A company is only as good as its employees so look at the business English trainers at the centre: they should not just have teaching qualifications but real experience in the business world. A good corporate English trainer can put your language practice in contexts that you will recognise from your job – and this will make your course far more effective.

Finally, ask your friends, colleagues and HR personnel – have they done a business English course? What did they think was effective? A personal recommendation is worth its weight in gold, as we would say in English 😉 At LSI/IH Portsmouth, we are happy to welcome many students who have been recommended to us as well as to welcome so many friends of friends; this creates a very unique atmosphere, professional but warm.

LSI/IH Portsmouth is happy to provide potential clients with references from some of the biggest companies in the world who have chosen us as their preferred supplier for business English courses. They have chosen us because our experience in corporate English training over more than 30 years have made us one of the market leaders. Come and see why J