Ivanovo Students Visit LSI/IH Portsmouth

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Once again we had the absolute pleasure to host some lovely students from the University of Ivanovo in Russia.  It is always such a pleasure to have these students here, they work so hard, they enjoy every second of their time here.

They each wrote a little piece describing their time at LSI/IH Portsmouth and what it involved.

Evgeny Marshalov,

Dean of Computer Science Faculty, group leader

I have long dreamed of going to an English-speaking country to practice and improve my speaking skills. At last in January I jumped at the opportunity to come to LSI/IH Portsmouth  Portsmouth.

After testing, I was very lucky to be enrolled in the group with only 6 people and it allowed me to improve my English more intensively. The teachers approached the educational process with enthusiasm, diversified the lessons with games. As a result, after a school day I never felt tired and in the evening I tried to continue socializing with local residents or students from other countries. Thanks to this communication I learned a lot about their culture, customs, habits, and made sure that people of different nations can easily communicate, learn and develop together.

The city of Portsmouth, which is just two hours away by bus from London, is very clean and well maintained. In Portsmouth, I was able to visit several museums, take a walk along a spacious embankment and wander classical English streets with two-storey houses.

The trip allowed me to overcome the language barrier, learn to better understand living English, keep up the conversation on everyday topics without choosing every word for an answer. After returning from the trip there is no question whether to go to LSI/IH Portsmouth again or not, the question is when it might be next time.

 Sophya Gruzdeva

It’s the third time I’ve studied at LSI/IH Portsmouth, and I had a very good time. I was enrolled in CPE preparation class where I learned many new things about this exam and the English language in general. My English changed for the better, I think.  Particularly, thanks to the teachers I acquired a lot of high-level vocabulary. The atmosphere at the lessons was very friendly. All LSI/IH Portsmouth workers are very kind and supportive; they are always ready to help. LSI/IH Portsmouth is a wonderful place to meet people from all around the world and find new friends. I would like to thank LSI/IH Portsmouth staff and especially my teachers Alan and Neil for their great support. I came back to Russia full of emotions, motivation to take a CPE exam, and desire to come back here again next winter.

Denis Chernyi

Portsmouth, we love you!”

This year winter holidays were very unusual: for two weeks we were the guests of a small town in the south of England called Portsmouth. Personally, it was not only the first time I have gone abroad but also my first air trip.

What should I tell you? Everything was great, amazing, just perfect. So many new impressions, places, events that could happen, probably, only here! We had an opportunity to get acquainted with the foreign culture, to observe how people live in a completely different country. And you shouldn’t forget about the main attraction of this city – LSI/IH Portsmouth.

Amazing and creative teachers did not give us a chance to get bored in the classroom. We talked about everything (in English, of course): about the UK and Russia, their traditions and holidays, compared Russian and English.

The program of after-school activities was also very interesting.  I think I can recollect just a couple of evenings spent at home, and it’s only the weather to blame. Life in the English family, however, is the best communication experience. Over time, these people and you become one family, and at the end of the journey it is so sad to say goodbye.

The capital of the UK is just a fairy tale, where during the weekend you can enjoy sightseeing, go shopping and hear all the languages of the world. People in London are kind, polite, and are always ready to help you to get to the right place. I am beginning to think that making friends here is easy, even in two days.

Summing up, I want to emphasize that Portsmouth – a great opportunity to relax, simultaneously learning new things; to talk with the same students as we are, but from other countries and to find more about British culture.

So our unusual holidays turned out to be ideal. Perhaps, one day we will come back to immerse ourselves into the atmosphere of the Foggy Albion.

Cristina Stepanova

When I entered the University, I did not even know that we would have such a great opportunity to test ourselves and our English language proficiency in England. I’m not the kind of person who is used to being alone, much less in another country. So, when I saw the announcement of the trip to Portsmouth, I couldn’t decide for a long time whether to go on the trip or not. But my parents and I decided that if I am given a visa, I will go. Then it took a few weeks to collect the documents and translate them. Then came a long wait, but not in vain :). The documents are collected, the suitcase packed, and I’m in England.

Right from the airport, England was not like any of the countries I visited before. We got our luggage at the airport, got on the way and…faced the left-hand traffic, which was very difficult to get used to. Then we were brought to our host families. My host mom and sister turned out to be very kind, interesting and wonderful people. In the house, too, there were a lot of interesting things: they have carpeted floors everywhere, but they do not change shoes; the sink has two taps: separate for cold and hot water. After lunch the girls from our group decided to explore the city and reach the sea. The city was very beautiful; almost all the houses are very similar to each other but very pretty.

Monday was the first day at LSI/IH Portsmouth. We were tested and we placed into groups; the teachers were cool. The atmosphere at the school is great. All the guys are friendly and happy to meet new people. The school also provides an interesting social program and the activities organized by the school are cheaper.

This trip was an unforgettable event in my life. I made a lot of friends from different countries. If you have an opportunity to acquire the same experience, do not doubt – you will never forget such a trip.

Aleksei Khlestakov

The trip to Portsmouth was great! I really liked the LSI/IH Portsmouth school, especially their approach to teaching that included an unusual presentation of the material. Many classes were given in the game form. It was fun and very interesting.

We were also very pleased with the various activities organized by the LSI/IH Portsmouth, such as football, Conversation Club, salsa lessons and various excursions. Everyone could find something that he or she liked.

One of the most remarkable events was our trip to London for the weekend! We saw its main attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London and many others.

These two weeks were unforgettable. Thanks to the guys of our group.

To read this in Russian and to see some fantastic photos of their trip please have a look here