Japanese Taxi Drivers Get a Lift in their English

Every year, we welcome a group of taxi drivers from MK Taxi  in Japan.  This year, we were lucky enough to have 6 of them study here at LSI/IH Portsmouth – 4 from Kyoto, 1 from Sapporo and 1 from Kobe.  They are all training to be English-speaking drivers and with a little help from LSI/IH Portsmouth, they’ll be driving people around their cities in English!  They have been a joy to have here – their enthusiasm, smiles and warmth – and so popular with teachers and fellow students alike.  They requested to give a little presentation at our Friday leaving ceremony to say thank you to LSI/IH Portsmouth and to tell us about their wonderful cities in Japan.  Thank you, Satoshi, Tatsuhiro, Shigenori, Mutsuhisa, Hisayoshi, Nobutaka.

MK – Most Kind Hearted! 😉

Thank you and best wishes Satoshi Ebina, Tatsuhiro Fujii, Shigenori Maki, Mutsuhisa Inoue, Hisayoshi Takamoto, Nobutaka Katsura