LSI Trip to Wembley – England vs Germany

LSI Trip to Wembley – England
vs Germany

“A student group including me went to the football game
between England and Germany
on 19th November at Wembley Stadium.
The bus left at 3:30 pm from LSI, and on the way we had a
break for coffee.  We arrived at 6.30 pm at
the stadium.  To practise my English I
talked to the other students who came from different countries.  After arriving we took photographs of the
group and stadium.  After that we went to
our seats and watched the game.  The
crowd were very quiet because Germany won, but you could say that England was
the better team,  After the game we went
to the bus together, and arrived back in Portsmouth at 1:15 am.  We had a lot of fun on the trip and enjoyed
the day.”

Zülküf Öztürk  

from Germany