Music and Songs – Learning Tip to Improve your English from Rich

How to Improve your English

We all love to hear music, whatever kind it may be. The lyrics from these songs can be a great way to widen your vocabulary, especially so as the words are very much everyday language. So, what is the best way to benefit from this language?

Take one of your favourite songs or one that has lyrics which have had a real impact on you. First, write down all the words in the chorus and highlight any which are new for you. After this, go through the other verses of the song and do the same thing. Then, use a dictionary to find definitions to any words whose meaning you cannot work out from the context. Next, take note of any expressions or idiomatic language which has been used. Finally see if you can make some more contextual sentences out of the new language that you have discovered.

This is a fun way of expanding your language base. You’ll find that you’ve very quickly built up a whole lot of vocabulary which you can use in the future. It will also help you to recognise the words again when you’re listening to other songs. Don’t forget that while much of the language that is used in songs is ‘standard’ language, just like in your own language a lot of slang words are frequently used. These are always good to know, but take note of the context that you may want to use them in as sometimes they may not be appropriate.

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