A New Dawn – Introducing Our New Principal


We’d like to introduce you to our new Principal, Lea Brophy.  We say new as he may be new to this position and to many of you but he is certainly not new to LSI/IH Portsmouth in terms of its history and development.

Lea was one of the original 3 people who from 1986 helped transform LSI/IH Portsmouth from a struggling small school based in Bosham, near Chichester into the remarkably successful organisation it is today.

During this period he moved from teaching on to the complicated process of creating the school that we have today; with Professional Communication Skills, Cultural Awareness, Pre-Sessional university, Teacher and Lecture Training and English for specific purposes and of course General English.

More recently in his role as Vice-Principal, Lea has also been in involved in the marketing of LSI/IH Portsmouth, especially in the Middle Eastern and Russian markets.  He has been presented with many interesting challenges over the years from an interview on Russian TV back in 2010:

Part one: https://youtu.be/k43CBxZQ5_U

Part two: https://youtu.be/aUk1qxowRbI

Opening a new University building for a university in St Petersburg and most recently delivering a lecture on cryptocurrency at the prestigious transport university MIIT in Moscow.  There is no end to his talents 😉

His vision for LSI/IH Portsmouth’s future is to build upon our success: continue to aim for excellence in all that we do while meeting the increasing challenges of the ever-changing international educational landscape with creativity, innovation and integrity.

Family values, old-fashioned focus on quality, international collaboration and institutional/personal development are central to his core beliefs.  With a unique intercultural perspective (from his Irish and Asian heritage),  Lea is a father of five with a passion for sport, literature and music. When not at LSI/IH Portsmouth, he can often be found in front of a microphone on a stage either in an eight-piece band (The Soul Suspects) or performing in duos /trios with family and friends.  Asked why – he’ll tell you because it keeps him grounded, gives him a better perspective, is a real pleasure and also a great release of tension and stress –  “ You can’t really be thinking about work issues if you are performing in front of a packed audience of music lovers, can you?”   If you come to Portsmouth, here’s a link or two to what you might hear or see:  https://soundcloud.com/simon-miles-7/03-stand-by-me?in=simon-miles-7/sets/telephone-road-2018


And so, a new era begins!