New: Part Time OET Course

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Do you need to achieve a Grade B in the OET Nursing exam?

Are you looking for a part-time course to fit with your work or family commitments?

If so, LSI/IH Portsmouth’s new OET Nursing Part-time Preparation Course is for you.

We offer 3 hours of facNurse part time OET coursee-to-face tuition on Friday afternoons, between 1.15 pm and 4 pm (2 lessons of 1 hour 15 minutes, with a 15-minute coffee break in the middle), with experienced and highly qualified teachers, to help you improve your OET score.  You can join the course on any Friday, and you need to book a minimum of 4 Fridays, so 12 hours in total, but you can book as many weeks as you like.

The OET Exam consists of four sub-tests: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  The course will focus on the skills required for each part of the exam.  You will have specialised input in each area of the exam, along with feedback on your progress from your teachers, a range of practice activities, and access to self-study material.

The course costs £180 for 12 hours of OET classes over 4 weeks, and then £45 each for any additional classes after the 4 weeks.

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If you have friends who also need to pass OET, you could benefit from our group discount offer:  if 5 or more students book together, the course fee is only £120 per person.

Want to know more?  Visit our part-time OET webpage

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