New Positions for the New Year

To start the New Year with vitality and fresh ideas, we are
delighted to announce some new appointments and positions.

As our student numbers have grown, we have needed to
re-organise a few of our areas.  
Firstly, the exam department now has their own Director of Studies to organise the IELTS and Cambridge
courses, and we are delighted to announce that Lewis Richards is the new
Director of Studies for Exams.  Ross
McKenzie is the Director of Studies for General English, and helping them both is Leanne Prescott as the new Assistant Director of Studies for
General English and Exams.
Lewis Richards – Director of Studies – Exams
Leanne Prescott – Assistant Director of Studies for GE and Exams

Last September, Cristina Purcell, the Pre-sessional course manager
retired which led to a reorganisation for the Pre-sessional department.
The new Pre-sessional Course Manager is Robyn Brooks and the Pre-sessional Logistics
Co-ordinator is Ed Humphreys, supporting them is Joanna Glos the Pre-sessional

Robyn Brook – Pre-sessional Course Manager
Ed Humphreys – Pre-sessional Logistics Co-Ordinator
Joanna Glos – Pre-sessional Support
And finally, Rosie Ford has joined us at LSI/IH Portsmouth as Quality
Assurance Manager and P.A. to the Principal Andrew Edwards.
Rosie Ford – Quality Assurance Manager and PA to the Principal
We wish all of them great success in their new roles.