Our Brand New Social Hub – the Place to be!

Welcome to our new Social Hub!

Until very recently Belle, our Social Programme Organiser, had her office on the third floor next to the Study Centre. It was good for our students, but we couldn’t help feeling that she might be better in the Student Lounge.

The Student Lounge is the busiest and liveliest area of the school. You can find a pool table, tennis table, piano, television and dining area. Most of our students spend their coffee breaks and lunch time there, talking to each other, enjoying a coffee or lunch and signing up to social activities.

We thought that Belle should be there too, so she can always be available for the students. In her new office you can come and pay for weekend trips, get help booking your own excursions or just come in for a friendly chat and a cup of tea. We call this area ‘The Social Hub’!

In the new Social Hub you can also find Nati and Diane, who are available to help the students with accommodation issues and anything to do with their homestay. It’s a very useful space and is always busy! There is also a small meeting area, if students need to discuss plans or itineraries with Belle and the office is too crowded. It’s a really nice area to relax with a cup of tea and listen to some music!

All the students have commented on how great the new social space is! We think it’s fantastic too, and we know that Belle, Diane and Nati are extremely happy in their new home!! 

We think the new Social Hub makes it easy for students to ask questions, sign up for more activities, and feel more relaxed and comfortable, what do you think?