Our Fab New Facebook Banner


Our New Facebook Banner

Recently we asked our social programme organiser for General English; Catt to have a go at re-doing our banner on our Facebook page.  We had a little chat with her after.

Q. Can you tell us a few of the details around making a banner for a Facebook page?

A. Yes sure –

Q. How long was the previous video banner up?

A. I’m not sure exactly how long, I guess about 2 years as I took the video clips that were used in it after I started in this role

Q. What size is the new banner?

A. The new banner was created on Canva so the standard size they have for facebook covers is: 820px x 312px

Q. Where did you get the dimensions? Canva templates

A. What programme did you use to do it? Canva

Q. Did you have any problems with the sizing?

A. Not with the sizing, no

Q. What problems did you have? 😉

A. The cover photo didn’t suit the mobile version of the page and appeared to distort the image.

Q. How did you overcome the problems?

A. I chose a picture which had most of the information going on in the centre and moved the text to suit that.

Q. How long did it take for you to do the first time?

A. I made about 5 different versions so about 30 – 45 mins

Q. How long did it take you to do eventually?

A. Once I knew it had to be more centred about 20 mins extra to make sure everything was in the right place

Q. What made you choose the image you used?

A. It had more going on in the centre

Q. Is this the first Facebook page banner you’ve made?

A. Yes

Thanks Catt.

If you haven’t seen our facebook page, do go over and have a look (links at the top). We post some brilliant pictures on there, with student leaving ceremony pictures and some of our social programme pictures. You’ll see that we have recently changed our banner on this website and now the Facebook banner matches nicely.